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SADC urged to set up a regional sadc anti-corruption court

countries by their perceived levels of public sector corruption
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ACT-SA Corruption campaign
Petition for Uebert Angel’s arrest
Mnangagwa must not exempt state entities from scrutiny
Mining bosses under probe as looters ‘capture’ Midlands
CSO designs graft probe tracker
Redcliff residents petition over cement pollution


Government officials refusing money to take the bribe money from business man the concept of corruption and anti bribery.
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We have one vision, of a corruption-free, highly developed and prosperous Southern Africa

We have one vision, of a corruption-free, highly developed and prosperous Southern Africa

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Anti-Corruption Research

To properly respond against corruption, we must first understand what it is, how it is committed, why is it committed......


We engage in evidence-based advocacy activities such as Signature, Ratification and domestication of Anti-Corruption Treaties


We focus on projects that are demand-driven, innovative and catalytic.

Ratification And Domestication Of Anti-Corruption Treaties

We encourage SADC Member States to sign, ratify and domesticate anti-corruption treaties such as the UNCAC..

Civil Society Strengthening

The importance of civil society lies in its ability to promote democracy, social justice, and human rights.

Generating Demand For Stolen Asset Recovery

ACT-SA, in collaboration with 16 civil society organizations from 10 Southern African countries under CSO-ISARSA, raises awareness and stimulates demand for asset recovery.

Anti-Corruption Policy & Law Reforms

We start by carrying out gap analysis, and then carry out advocacy activities for policy and law reforms

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