Everyone can help prevent public and private  sector corruption. If you’re a public sector employee, a government supplier or a member  of the public, you can learn about it and take action to prevent it. We also encourage ordinary citizens to report corruption when they see it.

Stopping corruption means more public funds will be spent as intended – maintaining schools, hospitals, roads and other vital public services and projects.

Where do I start?

Start by informing yourself and others about what corruption is and your role in fighting it.  

Learn how to spot weaknesses that make corruption more likely and red flags it’s happening. Learn about the impacts of corruption to you, your family, your community and the country at large.

Report corruption:  Help Prevent Corruption!

By making a complaint you can help expose public sector corruption and misconduct. ACT-SA uses the information in complaints to identify broader trends and patterns of corruption. We use our analysis and intelligence to warn the public sector about where and how corruption might be happening in various sectors. Speaking up and making a complaint helps to: expose corrupt activities and illicit behaviour, keep the public sector honest, transparent and accountable, stop dishonest practices, ensure public sector employees act in the public interest.

Where to make a confidential report in Zimbabwe:

  • ACT-SA +263 (0) 78 301 1963
  • ZACC +263 (242) 369602 / Toll free 0801010 08004367 / WhatsApp +263 (0) 71 952 9483
  • NPA +263 (024) 2780950
  • ZRP Complaints Desk + 263 (0242) 703631  
  • Any Police Station near you

 Where to make a confidential report in South Africa:

  • ACT-SA South Africa +27 (0) 79 766 5803 / +263 (61) 679 9798

We understand it can be hard to speak up and report wrongdoing. ACT-SA will treat your information confidentially. There are protections available when you make a disclosure that’s in the public interest, as well as ways to protect your privacy when you report.

Join an existing Community Anti-Corruption Monitoring Group or an SMEs Anti-Corruption Forum in your area. For more information on existing groups download this Directory.

If there is no existence of these groups, please contact ACT-SA using the information below to get technical support on how to set up a new anti-corruption group in your area.

Campaign Focal Point