ACT-SA works to ensure that the corrupt individuals and institutions have nowhere to hide their loot. It empowers citizens, civil society and the business sector to shun corruption and citizens to hold those in power to account.

research, advocacy and awareness raising campaigns to help create new anti-corruption standards and anti-corruption laws, bringing the corrupt leaders to justice, holding companies accountable for criminal behaviour at home and abroad – and much more.

Corruption affects and hurts us all: whether it prevents fair and equal access to healthcare during a pandemic, puts a price on an activist’s head or fuels deadly conflicts. We are committed to fighting it at all levels – but we can’t do it without supporters like you. Every donation, however big or small, powers our work and allows us to remain independent. Join us today and help us hold power to account.

This is what your donation to ACT-SA does:

You will be supporting the organization at the forefront of the fight against corruption in Zimbabwe and South Africa. ACT-SA works with local and regional anti-corruption activists who care about the future of their country and are committed to making a difference. Your support goes towards their training needs, their security needs given the high stakes involved in the fight against corruption.

Your support will ensure that the reports and complaints that we receive at the grassroots level help us identify patterns of corruption and power our South Africa and Zimbabwe  advocacy initiatives to push for a corruption free South Africa and Zimbabwe. 

You will be funding our research and bold reform proposals that continue to serve as blueprints for national governments, and other stakeholders who commit to meaningfully fight corruption. We’ll continue to prove that there is nothing inevitable about corruption.

Forms of Donations?

ACT-SA does not only need financial resources but needs donations such as vehicles, laptops, recording devices, and furniture among others. In ACT-SA we also value getting technical expertise to help us navigate the complexities of corruption.

How to donate to ACT-SA?

You can use a diversity of ways to donate to ACT-SA. The following are some of the ways:

How to donate to ACT-SA?

You can use a diversity of ways to donate to ACT-SA. The following are some of the ways:

  • Bank Transfer:  You can make a transfer directly to our local account or to our nostro account. Email to get the account details.
  • Online by Credit Card: To donate online using your credit card: 
  • By Ecocash: If you want to donate through Ecocash use Ecocash Number +263783011963


If you are not sure how to proceed, get in touch with us on the details below:

The Director

Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa

16, 2nd Ave, Kwekwe,, Zimbabwe


Tel: +263783011963

Banking Details


ACT-SA Zimbabwe Bank Details

Bank Name: NMB Bank Limited, Kwekwe Branch, Zimbabwe
Account Name: ACT-Southern Africa

Cuurency:  USD Account
Account Number: 0000330099593


Telegraphic Transfer instructions:

Correspondent Bank Name: ODDO BHF Bank
Account Name: NMB Bank Limited
NMB Bank Account Number at BHF Bank: DE13 5002 0200 0100 735100



ACT-SA South Africa Bank Details

Bank Name: African Bank

Account Name: ACT-Southern Africa

Account Number: 201 171 526 35, 

Universal Branch Code: 430 000, 

Swift Code: AFRCZAJJ