Regardless of where you are, you can still report corruption and remain anonymous. By anonymous, it means that no one will know your identity, such as your name, and where you are located. The administrators of ACT-SALeaks will ensure that you remain safe from attacks or any form of retribution.

ACT-SA has a professional Team that is dedicated to empower corruption whistleblowers and reporting persons through safe and secure online whistleblowing platform such as ACT-SALeaks.

However, when reporting corruption make sure that you give complete information. ACT-SALeaks comprises a pre-designed corruption reporting form that will take you not more than 5 minutes to complete.

However, if you have any documents to upload make sure that you have them in electronic form before starting to complete the form. You will be asked to upload documents, audios, videos etc as part of evidence.


How to access the ACT-SALeaks Platform

Carefully read the notice on the landing page.
When done, click on “REPORT A CASE” if you want to report a new case, and if you want to follow up on an existing case, you click on “FOLLOW UP ON A CASE”. When following up on a case make sure that you use a token or reference number that you get when you first submit a report. Write it somewhere and keep it safe. Progress made will be posted on line under each reported case.

 Should you face any challenges with accessing the platform, kindly send an email to or call +263 (0) 78 301 1963