Opening remarks from the Founding President of ACT-SA

Arnold Tsunga

We can not agree more with what the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, meant when he said thatCorruption begets more corruption, and fosters a corrosive culture of impunity”. When there is impunity against corruption, there is totally no development to talk about. If there appear to be some positive development outcomes that will be something else masquerading as development. It will not be sustainable.

In some countries, we have noticed some individuals enjoying flashy lives in a sea of the poor languishing in poverty. These individuals use ill-gotten wealth to remain in power and in most cases, they buy votes to get elected and claim legitimacy. Africa bears testimony to the deleterious effects of corruption on development, democracy, and rule of law. It affects you and me. The poor suffer more. Our hospitals are conspicuous by empty drug shelves and untimely deaths. The leadership in some countries has no interest whatsoever, in developing health and educational infrastructure because they are rushed to European and Asian hospitals when they get sick. Their children go to European schools. They get the richest tenders at home. Read more

Gokwe residents and ratepayers demand a Forensic Audit of the Gokwe Town Council

Residents and ratepayers within the jurisdiction of the Gokwe Town Council demands a Forensic Audit of the Gokwe Town Council following a plethora of allegations of corruption, mal-administration, and poor service delivery. The Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-SA) compiled a report following an invitation by residents, ratepayers and other special interest groups in the town. Most of the allegations made against the local authority are supported by documentary evidence which either ACT-SA or complainants (residents, ratepayers, and other interest groups) are willing to share to facilitate investigations. The report which encapsulates a number of recommendations has already been served to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), the Minister and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Local Government, and the Midlands Provincial Administrator among others. Read more

ACT-SA urges relevant authorities to forfeit to the state proceeds of crime from frozen bank accounts for Sakunda Holdings, Access Finance, Croco Motors, and Spartan Securities

The Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-SA) welcomes the decision by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) to freeze Bank accounts linked to Sakunda Holdings, Access Finance, Croco Motors and Spartan Securities on allegations linked to money laundering, and black-market trading. The illegal activities of some businesses did not come as a surprise since during the month of October 2018, ACT-SA had long suspected the RBZ itself,  local banks, the police and politically connected individuals in being the main drivers of illegal foreign currency trading and other illicit financial activities in the country. The dramatic swoop on bank accounts of the suspects is welcomed but should not be an end in itself. Mr. David Jamali, recommended that all the accused persons should be arrested and taken to court of law for prosecution. Read More

ZimRa Lifestyle audits a welcome development

The Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-SA) welcomes the steps taken by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZimRa) when it carried out lifestyle audits targeting its staff members. A lifestyle audit is understood as a comparison of known income with the standard of living to identify gaps and indicators that someone is living above their means. If the lifestyle exceeds an official’s known income, suspicion of fraud and other acts of dishonesty are evident. The suspension of 36 ZimRa officials is a welcome development that will help to deter corruption. Read More