Zimbabwean Civil Society Organisations Unites against Corruption

In a powerful display of solidarity and commitment to combating corruption in Zimbabwe, over 22 civil society organizations came together to form a coalition that aims to amplify their collective impact against the deep-rooted and persistent problem of corruption in the country. This unprecedented alliance reflects the strength of collective action and represents a resolute stance against the detrimental effects of corruption on Zimbabwe’s economic, social, and political stability.

A formidable force in the fight against corruption, the Zimbabwe Civil Society Anti-Corruption Coalition is chaired by the Zimbabwe Women against Corruption Trust (ZWACT) and coordinated by the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-SA). The coalition is determined to root out corruption in all its forms and ensure that the corrupt have nowhere to run or hide, leaving them vulnerable to arrest and imprisonment.

Although the existence of legal and policy frameworks and institutional arrangements to tackle corruption has been observed, the members of the coalition noted with deep concern the disconcerting phenomenon that corruption continues to flourish in spite of these measures.

Despite the notable investments in anti-corruption initiatives, the persistence of corruption raises serious questions about the effectiveness and efficacy of current frameworks and institutions. As such, the coalition seeks to address the underlying factors contributing to corruption, striving to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the fight against this persistent and insidious problem.

Through the coordinated efforts of the coalition, rather than individual organizations working independently, the coalition hopes to harness the power of collective action, pooling resources, knowledge, and expertise to confront corruption head-on.

By presenting a united front and working in a collaborative manner, the coalition aims to create a sense of urgency and accountability, fostering a climate where those who engage in corruption can no longer operate with impunity. This approach will not only deter potential perpetrators but also send a strong message that corruption will no longer be tolerated in Zimbabwe.

The coalition has identified a range of strategies to carry out its mission, encompassing both sector-specific and broad-based approaches. These include:

Sector-specific strategies that focus on key areas prone to corruption, such as health, education, and public administration, among others.

Working groups dedicated to specific areas of interest and expertise among the coalition members, enabling specialized actions in areas like youth anti-corruption initiatives, gender and corruption, etc.

The Coalition is governed by a Constitution that ensures the efficient and effective functioning of its activities. The governance structure of the Coalition includes a Management Committee comprising:

• Zimbabwe Women against Corruption Trust (Chairperson)

• Progressive Gweru Residents Association (Vice Chairperson)

• Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (Secretary)

• Zimbabwe Elections Advocacy Trust (Vice Secretary)

• Interfaith Council for Peace and Justice Trust (Treasurer)

• Voice of Justice (Information and Publicity)

• Harare Residents Trust (Committee member)

• Zimbabwe Organisation for the Youth in Politics (Committee member)

The Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-SA) was entrusted with the critical role of serving as the Coordinator/Administrator of the Coalition, utilizing its expertise and experience in anti-corruption initiatives to guide and facilitate the Coalition’s operations.

For further information or inquiries, the Coordinator/Administrator can be reached via email at director@anticorruptiontrust.org or by phone at +263783011963. The ACT-SA looks forward to working with partners and stakeholders to advance the fight against corruption in Zimbabwe.