ACT-SA Develops a Model Internal Anti-Corruption Policy for the Micro, Small to Medium Enterprises

This Model Policy was designed to assist SMEs in developing, implementing, and enforcing their own internal anti-corruption policies as a means of addressing corruption within their organizations and
mitigating its detrimental impact on business growth and sustainability. The Policy serves as a valuable tool to aid SMEs in establishing robust anti-corruption practices that align with the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency. The versatility of the Model Policy lies in its adaptability to cater to the diverse requirements and interests of individual businesses. The policy is not rigid, allowing enterprises to tailor the policy to their unique circumstances, ensuring that it adequately meets their specific needs and addresses the particular risks faced by their organization.

Interested businesses can therefore freely review the policy and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that it adequately aligns with their circumstances and objectives.

The policy document serves as a formal communication of the organization’s stance on bribery, fraud, and other corrupt practices. It defines the responsibilities and expectations of the company with respect to compliance and observance of these standards. In essence, the objectives of the policy are:

·       To communicate the organization’s zero-tolerance stance on bribery, fraud, and other corrupt practices.

·       To define the roles and responsibilities of employees in maintaining ethical standards and reporting any suspected breaches.

·       To provide a framework for addressing allegations of bribery, fraud, and corruption, including disciplinary procedures.

ACT-SA strongly advocates for the adoption of Internal Anti-Corruption Policies by all micro, small to medium enterprises, considering the numerous advantages that an organization can reap from operating in a corruption-free environment. The establishment of an anti-corruption policy can contribute to increased trust and transparency within the organization, fostering a culture of integrity, and ultimately enhancing business growth and sustainability. Moreover, it can protect the organization from costly legal
ramifications associated with corruption and bribery, thereby safeguarding its reputation and preserving its profitability in the long run.

ACT-SA extends a warm invitation to all businesses that are interested in adopting the Model Policy. The organization is willing to provide its technical expertise and support free of charge, facilitating the process of developing and implementing an effective Internal Anti-Corruption Policy.

Individuals or organizations seeking further information or assistance with this initiative are encouraged to contact ACT-SA directly, where they will be provided with the necessary support and resources to enhance their anti-corruption efforts.

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