Campaign against Corruption in the Mining Sector

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Campaign Focal PointBrenna Matendere
Telephone contact+263(0)77 556 1754
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Description of the IssueZimbabwe is endowed with rich mineral resources that include gold, diamonds, platinum and lithium to name but a few. However, the abundance of these minerals does not make sense to the ordinary Zimbabweans since that has not brought any change in terms of their standards of living. Ordinary Zimbabweans are getting poorer by the day, whilst the contrary is true for a  minority of Zimbabweans and members of some transnational organized syndicates such as the Gold Mafia exposed by Al Jazeera. The poor’s access to mineral resources has been  problematic because of corruption. According to the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (2022).corruption in the mining sector include:Under declaration of profits from mining companies resulting in Illicit Financial Flows (IFFs)Lack of up to date geological dataIllegal selling of mining claimsAbuse of power by administrators of mining policies and lawsCorruption in the sector results in leakages since a huge part of gold that is produced is smuggled to informal markets since traders pounce on lucrative prices offered by buyers in South Africa and other countries and resulting in the country losing a lot of revenue. This way the mining sector does not benefit much to the poorer sector of society.
What has ACT-SA done?

ACT-SA has been consistently campaigning against corruption in the sector through a number of ways.  

  • ACT-SA carried out investigations and produced research reports to facilitate evidence-based advocacy. The following are some of the examples
Corruption and Maladministration in the Mining Sector threatening national development: The Case Study of the Midlands Provincial Mining Director’s OfficeDownload
Report on Corruption at the Midlands Provincial Mining Director’s OfficeDownload

Responses in support and against the campaign

Mining bosses under probe as looters ‘capture’ MidlandsCSOs flag rising mining sector deathsGraft rocks Midlands Mines office
By Julia Ndlela | Oct. 13, 2023By Silas Nkala | Dec. 11, 2023By Silas Nkala | Oct. 10, 2023
A SIGNIFICANT number of Zimbabwe’s powerful provincial mining executives, including directors, have been placed under probe following reports of sleaze in the US$12 billion industry, the Zimbabwe Independent can report. Read MoreGOVERNMENT has been challenged to act on the increasing number of work-related deaths and impunity in the mining sector. Read MoreTHE Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-SA) has released a report exposing rampant corruption allegedly taking place at the Midlands provincial mining department (PMD) offices. Read More