The Business against Corruption Project

The Business against Corruption Project

The project derives its motivation from the fact that entrepreneurship can have a massive impact on a country’s economy. It can promote new industries, improve productivity, and lead to large-scale job creation. However, high-impact entrepreneurship is often wrecked by corruption, and that corruption has severely hindered growth in business activity.

Corruption has often been used as a means for officials to impose costs for private benefit. For entrepreneurs, this often results in paying exorbitant bribes or having their business activities blocked by officials who have been paid off by competitors. In addition to being harmful for the growth and institutional quality of a country, corruption is also a deterrent for both entrepreneurial spirit and activity.Corruption’s negative effects are becoming stronger over time.

To this end, the project was initiated to empower SMEs to fight corruption as a strategy to boost SME development. Trainings were conducted and these continue to be conducted to ensure that SMEs know what corruption is, its negative effects as well as how to resist paying bribes.

The following are the project objectives:

  • To empower SMEs to monitor, report and take action against corruption affecting SME development
  • To provide technical support to SMEs to develop, approve, implement and enforce internal anti-corruption policies as an example for others to follow

In pursuit of the above objectives, ACT-SA has been carrying out several activities that include:

  • Training and Setting up SMEs Anti-Corruption Monitoring Voluntary Action Groups largely comprised of SMEs and relevant authorities
  • Developing a model internal anti-corruption policy for SMEs and
  • Giving Technical support towards the implementation of internal anti-corruption policies for SMEs.


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