ACT-SA has one vision:

Accountable, transparent and legitimate public and private sector institutions operating alongside a well informed empowered and actively engaged citizenry.

The mission of ACT-SA is to contribute towards good governance and the eradication of corruption in Southern Africa through:

  • 01 Institutional capacity building
  • 02 Situational prevention of corruption
  • 03 Social prevention and public empowerment
  • 04 Anti-corruption policy and law reform and
  • 05 Research and development

The activities of ACT-SA include:

  • Facilitating anti-corruption capacity building and institution building
  • Advocating for anti-corruption institutional, policy and law reform,
  • Facilitating access to justice to victims of corruption
  • Anti-corruption empowerment of communities, civil society and business sector entities
  • Facilitating national, regional and international cooperation on civil, criminal and administrative matters relating to corruption and
  • Research and development

Successful Projects