Before joining the International Commission of Jurists as Legal Adviser in July 2018, Elizabeth was a project lawyer at Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights. She has also worked as a legal researcher for various independent legal and political consultants.

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of Zimbabwe. She was awarded the prestigious Chevening scholarship in 2016 and went on to study for a masters in the United Kingdom. She holds a masters of law in International Human Rights Law (Economic Relations), from the University of Essex (2017, with Distinction).

She has experience in legal and policy research and analysis in various areas including health, disability rights and access to justice for minority groups. She is passionate about business and human rights and conducts a lot of research in this area.

International and domestic standards on responsible business mean nothing once the gatekeepers engage in corruption with impunity. Conducting responsible business means saying no to corruption at all levels and in all its forms.