David Jamali worked with ZimRights as a Human Rights Defender in Zimbabwe for 8 years during the period 1994 –2002.

David was born and grew up in Zimbabwe’s high density suburb of Tafara in Harare. He is very passionate about Human Rights, Anti-Corruption, Economic and Social Development, Citizens Voice and Action and Accountability and Governance issues.

David Jamali’s special interest in Human Rights and Citizens Voice and Action is linking economic, social and cultural rights to broader transformational community development strategies so citizens can actively participate in civil and political rights.

David did Development studies in Canada at St Francis Xavier University’s Coady Institute, A course in Working with Conflict in the UK and Masters in International Development at RMIT University, Australia.

David worked with Oxfam Australia for 4 and half years in the International Programs Section holding various portfolios. He then worked for World Vision Australia in the International Programmes section for 8 and half years holding various positions assisting developing countries to design and manage long-term multi sector community transformational development programmes to assist communities to break the cycle of poverty.

David is a well-regarded International Development Consultant who is currently focusing on Results Based Management Systems, Institutional and Organisational Development.