Remarks from the ACT-SA Founding President

We can not agree more with what the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, meant when he said thatCorruption begets more corruption, and fosters a corrosive culture of impunity”. When there is an impunity against corruption, there is totally no development to talk about. If there appear to be some positive development outcomes that will be something else masquerading as development. It will not be sustainable.

In some countries, we have noticed some individuals enjoying flashy lives in a sea of the poor languishing in poverty. These individuals use ill-gotten wealth to remain in power and in most cases, they buy votes to get elected and claim legitimacy. Africa bears testimony to the deleterious effects of corruption on development, democracy, and rule of law. It affects you and me. The poor suffer more. Our hospitals are conspicuous by empty drug shelves and untimely deaths. The leadership in some countries has no interest whatsoever, in developing health and educational infrastructure because they are rushed to European and Asian hospitals when they get sick. Their children go to European schools. They get the richest tenders at home.

Africa has a huge potential to be the breadbasket of the world, due to an abundance of resources. However, these resources are being pillaged.

Whilst concluding let me hasten to warn that if corruption is not curtailed, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will remain a pipe dream. The failure to mainstream anti-corruption in development programming is self-defeating. Organizations such as the Anti-Corruption Trust of Southern Africa (ACT-SA), which myself and several friends founded has an important role to play.  The 2018 to 2023 strategy is meant to:

1- Enhance the capacities of specialized anti-corruption bodies, auditors and audit institutions, judicial institutions, and law enforcement agents, to effectively respond to the challenge of corruption;

2-Support national, regional and international efforts towards the formulation, implementation, adherence, and coordination of anti-corruption treaties, legislation, policies, and action plans;

3-Enhance the capacities of communities, media and civil society organizations to effectively contribute to the dialogue on strengthening the development and implementation of anti-corruption institutions, legislation, and policies for eradication of poverty and inequality;

4-Contribute to anti-corruption knowledge generation, codification, and advocacy for improved efficiency, effectiveness and impact of anti-corruption efforts.

5-Improve access to justice to victims of corruption, targeting marginalized communities, especially women, youths, the disabled and those living with HIV and AIDS;

6-Strengthen national, regional and international cooperation on criminal, civil and administrative matters relating to corruption in line with regional, continental and international anti-corruption treaties.

However, the implementation demands all stakeholders to come together in different ways.  ACT-SA will use this website to showcase its activities as well as to carry a number of anti-corruption campaigns in the region.

The ACT-SA Team including the current Chairperson, Mr. David Jamali and the Director Mr. Obert Chinhamo will make an effort to ensure that all activities of the organization are communicated to the wider audience.

Let me also take this opportunity to introduce members of the Board of Trustees who include: Alouis Munyaradzi Chaumba, Kucaca Phulu , Elizabeth Mangenje, Adv. Michael Majuru, Teresa Pearl Mugadza, Getrude Chimange. David Chipiri Jamali and Obert Chinhamo. This team will surely help to eradicate corruption and stimulate development in Southern Africa. At the same time, the ACT-SA team will not achieve much without financial, in-kind and other support from the global village. We need financial support from different supporters and partners, especially all those who are already at the forefront in fighting against corruption.

For more information about anti-corruption activities of ACT-SA please feel free to contact me or the Chairperson and Director of ACT-SA through and