Publications and Reports

A) – 2012 Publications
1-Research Report: Stealing from the state and impoverishing the
nation: Zimbabwean traffic police officers pocketing huge sums of
money through bribes at checkpoints. Available online at
 Report: Corruption cases: Lest we forget: bad leadership
examples for accountability, transparency and integrity in Zimbabwe.
Available online at
 Report: Progress on Signature and Ratification of
Anti-Corruption Instruments by SADC Member States: Who is lagging
Behind among SADC Member States? Available online at

b)- 2011 Publications
1- Research Report: Barriers towards combating corruption in Africa.
Available online at

c) – 2010 Publications
1- Research Report: Mini-assessment report: Corruption by traffic
police officers and vehicle drivers in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe.
Available online at

d) – 2009 Publications
1- Research Report: Rewarding the losers – A case study of the
Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) and the Zimbabwe Electoral
Commission (ZEC). Available online at

e)- 2008 Publications
1- Research Report: Institutional working definition of corruption.
Available online at

f)- 2007 Publications
1- Research Report: Status of signature & ratification of
Anti-Corruption treaties by SADC State parties. Available online at